Headlight restoration

Headlight restoration of faded,yellowed and stone chipped headlights to a brand new condition 100% guaranteed.

We specialize in restoring the optical clarity to headlights that have been damaged by the sun and other elements of our environment.Honesty is important to us and if your lights can’t be cleaned or are not ready for cleaning we will tell you in advance.

  • Dramatically restore your headlights to a like new condition
  • Lengthen your headlights life expectancy
  • Improve the overall look of your entire vehicle
  • Improve your visibility at night in addition to driving safety
  • Increase your vehicle's resale value
  • Save thousands on headlight replacement costs
Headlight restoration


Most cars since around 1996 have plastic headlights because of easier manufacturing and cost saving.Plastics are not as resilient as glass in the hostile outdoor elements.Sun is the number one reason for faded headlights.Road debris like sand and stones also stone chip lights.If there is enough sandblasting on a headlight it can appear faded as well and as a result headlight restoration will be needed.We remove that layer and expose a clean layer below for a brand new look to your headlights.This process only removes a fraction of plastic and the process can be repeated in the future if needed.Furthermore the headlight will also remain as strong as before and won’t be weakened by restoring them.

Headlight restoration benefits


Dirty headlights can drastically reduce distance of sight at night as a result from light not being able to pass properly through the headlight lens.


Lets be honest,dirty headlights just makes the car look old and tired.Make your car look 10 years younger by letting us restore them.

Headlight restoration


Add back the value to your vehicle when selling your car.It is well known car salesmen deduct money from your trade in price for dirty lights.

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