Windscreen chip repair

Windscreen chip repair to all vehicles and chips.

Windscreen chip repair

Chip repair to Bulls eyes and stars ie. small cracked areas in laminated glass can be repaired by the injection of our resin which is optically matched to glass. The resin works like a glue in that it bonds the chips, preventing them from spreading, eliminating the need to replace the whole windscreen.

Bulls eye chip

windscreen crack

Star chip

Why repair your windscreen

Once there is a chip in the glass the likelihood is that a crack will develop, particularly if it is near the edge of the glass, and/or is exposed to temperature variations or extremes. Or even if simply driven over a substantial bump. If a crack extends, depending on it’s length and position, it may pass beyond the point of possible repair.

The process of windscreen chip repair

With some types of repairs a tiny hole may be drilled, just penetrating the outer surface of the glass to create a passageway through which the resin is injected.We then inject the resin with a machine and vacuum out all air in the chip.Once the chip is filled we cure the resin with uv light.Repairs take about 30 minutes to repair.Repairs are almost invisible once filled only leaving behind a small scar.The earlier a repair is done after the stone chip the better the repair as contamination will eventually enter the chip.

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